Man reviews first flight itinerary post-COVID
Restarting Your Travel Program

Over 60% of American's surveyed say they are looking forward to air travel again. The question on everyone's mind is not only when they will be back in the air, but what should they do to prepare for the new normal? Before you book your first trip, read our tips on prepping for travel in the post Coronavirus world.

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Woman in airport with luggage and mask post-COVID
Preparing to Travel: What you Need to Know

After months of decline, air travel is picking back up. We know many of you are eager to jump back on the plane and get back to business but might still have questions on safety protocols and guidelines. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable the next time you head to the airport. Here are some of the top questions (and answers) around travel and what you need to know before you hop on a plane!

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Microscopic COVID-19 particles in the air
A Message from the ITS CEO

To our Customers and Friends, The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to our daily lives, the global economy, and the travel industry. It has affected everyone we personally know, from the health of many to the welfare of most. While we all stand united working from home to prevent the spread of this virus,…

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Business colleagues with sparklers on New Year's Eve
Our Top 6 Corporate Travel Resolutions

Traveling for work can be a fun adventure or a taxing routine, depending on your experience and perspective. Being away from friends, loved ones, homes and the ease of regular schedules is a different story for every traveler. 2019 is the year to eradicate expectations, improve trip outlooks and welcome the adventure - wherever your trips make take you. Forget the typical resolutions and adopt these pragmatic pointers instead. Happy New Year from ITS!

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Office desktop at Christmastime includes data security
Three Ways to Reduce Risks During Holiday Travel

Not everyone hustling through the airports in December is paying a visit to relatives and loved ones. Many are corporate travelers attending events and meetings, hitting end-of-year sales goals and wrapping up business in 2018, often on public Wi-Fi. While staying connected to employers during trips is essential, staying safe while keeping company data confidential is even more important. The following tips will help cover the bases so you can arrive at your destination without a hitch.

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Gameway gaming lounge at DFW Airport
The Fun and Games of Corporate Travel

“Minecraft,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”- these popular video games may not be what come to mind when you think about the pastimes of business travelers. But given the evolution of corporate travel toward a more diverse population, it’s inevitable there are frequent flyers who love a game of “Fortnite” in…

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TripApproval feature being used on mobile phone
How Trip Approvals Benefit Businesses

In 20 years of overseeing Human Resources and acting as VP of Account Management, I’ve encountered the gamut of employee travel behavior from those who always abide by policy to those who take license with travel spend. For companies of any size, business travel management is a necessary and expensive administrative obstacle. When TripApproval came along, I knew it would benefit everyone while minimizing time and paperwork. Below, I’ve shared four reasons why implementing TripApproval is essential for modern companies of any size:

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Man in rental car takes keys from an agent
3 Reasons to Save Smarter on Corporate Travel with TripAudit

Work smarter, not harder. This manifesto is unapologetically overused but has yet to go stale because the premise is 100% spot on. Have you ever eyed an expensive item at a retail store and immediately searched it online for a lower price? If so, you may be interested in a product that does this three million times per night without needing you to lift a finger.

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Panoramic daytime view of high-rise cityscape
5 Ways Business Travel is a Blessing in ‘Da Skies

Last month, we checked the numbers on what business travelers really think of hitting the road for work, and a whopping 92% said they were satisfied with their lifestyles. Our vision is to continually improve the experience for travelers, and with just a little preparation and mindfulness, we want happiness ratings to climb to 100%. Adopt these tips to maximize joy on your next business excursion.

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Business woman reclines in airplane window seat
Make Your Own First Class

Despite her deep pockets, New York City real estate mogul and tough shark Barbara Corcoran isn’t beneath flying economy to save a buck or two. To make the experience more enjoyable, Ms. Corcoran packs her own charcuterie for the haul. Follow these tips to turn your next ordinary flight into a first class experience.

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