Our Top 6 Corporate Travel Resolutions

Business colleagues with sparklers on New Year's Eve
Traveling for work can be a fun adventure or a taxing routine, depending on your experience and perspective. Being away from friends, loved ones, homes and the ease of regular schedules is a different story for every traveler. 2019 is the year to eradicate expectations, improve trip outlooks and welcome the adventure – wherever your trips make take you. Forget the typical resolutions and adopt these pragmatic pointers instead. Happy New Year from ITS!

1. Just Sign Up Already
If you haven’t done so already, make an appointment to sign up for Global Entry or at least TSA PreCheck. If there’s one thing bypassing an hour-long security line to breeze through PreCheck tells us, it’s that the service is an absolute travel must-have. If you travel often out of participating cities and want to amp up your game even more, consider CLEAR.

2. Be Shrewd

Make this the year you have a backup plan for each and every trip. Always send your itinerary to loved ones, include contact information for hotels and embrace a check-in schedule. Have a personal SOP should your wallet, phone or laptop go missing to minimize the stress when a curve ball flies your way. For more travel security tips, visit our recent blog.

3. Improve Protocol

Meet and exceed company expectations when it comes to trip planning, expenses and communication. Reach out to your travel manager with questions before and after trips to go above and beyond. We suspect your efforts will not go unnoticed, and you will certainly clear up any SOP confusion in the process.

4. Use Those Points

Airline and hotel travel points are fantastic benefits to corporate travel, but they almost always expire. This year, plan a leisurely point purge trip to reward yourself for all the travel you’ve done. Consider signing up for TripEasy from ITS to earn points for leisure travel while hitting the road for business.

5. Adjust Expectations

Travel rarely occurs without some hiccups, as frustrating as they can be. Appreciate the times that are smooth sailing and just know things could always be worse. Next time you’re stranded after a canceled flight, check out this article of horror travel stories, take a deep breath and be grateful you won’t be treading water after falling off a cruise ship.

6. Enjoy the Journey

Find some way to indulge on every trip: take time to read, enjoy the local cuisine or simply treat yourself for being such a hearty traveler. Make each and every trip unique, and you’ll surely remember the hits more than the misses.

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