A Message from the ITS CEO

Microscopic COVID-19 particles in the air

To our Customers and Friends,

The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to our daily lives, the global economy, and the travel industry. It has affected everyone we personally know, from the health of many to the welfare of most. While we all stand united working from home to prevent the spread of this virus, we are fighting COVID-19 for you with our travel technology solutions and products!

Thus, we reached out to our current customers and those fighting the virus on the front line, to determine how we can best support them during this crisis and after. Once we learned what was needed, we joined the fight using our innovation to serve the first responders, crew pilots, home delivery couriers, expatriate Americans, and stranded airline passengers! These customers and travelers required immediate action, unique customization, and easy access in a crisis. As a result, we have booked 40,000 plus travelers to or in support of the front line to fight COVID-19. Here are some of our stories we want to share with you:

  • Secured bookings and supported FEMA first responders 24/7 to get them to the hot spots of the pandemic as quickly as possible
  • Auto-booked last-minute flights for cargo crew pilots to evacuate stranded Americans from China and Japan to the US
  • Enabled stranded passengers to self-book on multiple airlines to get home
    Auto-booked stranded passenger airline pilots as their carriers shut down service in key cities
  • Secured long-term housing for teams of doctors and nurses for a major hospital group
  • Sent our staff (presently) to assist first responders onsite with all their travel needs
  • Set up, changed and restarted event sites for several of the largest online companies to support their delivery service providers
  • Created an online event resource to assist destination management companies in securing future business

We further learned from most of our corporate clients that they are facing decreased budgets for future travel. We are supporting their financial battle by helping manage their unused airline tickets, which is now more important than ever before! How do we do this? In the current landscape the airline rules governing tickets change daily. We are navigating this changing environment and the outcome of this to date equates to $30 million plus for our customers by doing the following:

  • Banked airline tickets for future use
  • Waived penalties and change fees where applicable
  • Converted unused tickets into credits
  • Obtained full refunds for non-refundable tickets

Our corporate culture and mission statement is to be stewards of our customers’ travel by taking care of their needs, especially in a crisis. We are working around the clock to serve you. As a company, we are donating to the Food Bank for those struggling financially without a job, which we all hope will be temporary. Please let us know if we can help in anyway, whether it is our innovative technology or customer service, we are in this fight together.

Be safe and remember to help each other, we will get through this together.

Rick Kumpf

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

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