Sustainability icons represent corporate response to climate change
Corporate Response to Carbon Emissions & Sustainability

We’ve already covered the airline industry’s initiatives, so this 2nd post of 3 will attempt to explain how a sample set of large corporations are addressing sustainability. As you can already guess, travel is sometimes the number one priority but for many companies, it is step 2 or even step 3 along their journey towards…

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Carbon emissions awareness is key for the aviation industry
Why do Travel Industry Suppliers Care About Carbon Emissions?

Carbon emissions awareness and tracking are a major topic in the aviation industry today more than ever before, but what is driving this change? It is clear that the pandemic’s pause on business travel industry drove basic awareness. Road warriors had free time to read while they enjoyed working from home and some even enjoyed…

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Internet Travel Solutions offers business travel savings on unused airline tickets
How We Managed Unused Airline Tickets

More often than not, business travelers book their own trips, whether that is directly with the airline or through a discounted consumer booking site. When changes or cancellations to a reservation occur, companies do not have access to their employees’ travel data, trip costs, fees and any unused tickets. If an employee isn’t effectively tracking…

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Travel icons represent reasons to use a corporate travel agency
7 Reasons to Use A Corporate Travel Agency

Due to the pandemics’ effect on the travel industry, it has not been the same since. It‘s apparent that the travel industry will constantly change and fluctuate with the world’s time. With that, it is valuable for company travel policies to be accommodating too because it is unrealistic to expect employees to keep up with these changes. This is why companies are seeking out the help from travel management companies to guide them, have their travelers’ best interest, and give employees the autonomy they need to book their trips in their own time.

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ITS shares ways to travel safely and stress-free on business
Four Ways to Travel Safe, Smart and Stress Free

We've made it our mission to make sure our travelers feel safe hitting the road during these confusing times. While most of the time, that means getting you the most up-to-date information, it also means sharing tips and tricks that help you travel safely and smartly! Having a plan and preparing for possible bumps in the road can help ensure your next trip is enjoyable. Here are four tips our experts recommend to take the stress out of your next trip.

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Passengers stay safe during check-in amid health protocols at DFW Airport
Busiest Airport in America Commits to Traveler Safety

This past May, Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport earned the busiest airport ranking (USA) based on the number of passengers on flights. It held the #2 spot globally. Heavy traffic aside, travelers moving through the airport can rest easy because DFW has made huge moves in 2020 to prove passengers' safety, flight crews, and airport employees a top priority. In a recent behind the scenes tour with United Airlines, I learned firsthand some of the protocols and safety measures DFW airport is implementing to combat COVID-19.

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Travel Policy components need to be updated
Updating Your COVID-19 Travel Policy

For many, the Coronavirus pandemic all but shut down business, and with that corporate travel. As countries start to emerge and open their economies, travel managers must develop policies that will help employees get back to traveling. If you've been tasked with managing your company's business travel, consider the following thoughts when designing your COVID-era travel policy:

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ITS leverages technology during the pandemic
Three Ways ITS Leveraged Technology During COVID-19

With the ever-changing travel climate due to the coronavirus pandemic, having an agency to help navigate these rough waters can be a game-changer. At ITS we pride ourselves on leveraging technology to advocate for and serve our customers. We combine smart technology with the best agents in the world to create a solution unmatched. By embracing concepts like process automation and keeping our customers top of mind, we have found a sweet spot that works for both our clients and us. Here are just some of the ways our technology is going above and beyond.

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Online Travel Agents answer questions about new normal
Questions you Need to Ask your Travel Agent Today

The coronavirus outbreak has taken a profound toll on the economy and the travel industry. As businesses tighten their purse strings and take a more in-depth look into their expenses, we know how important it is to make sure you have a travel agency that works for you and saves your money. This past week, we spoke with our agents and collected some of the top questions you should ask your agency to reevaluate your travel program for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

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Man meets face-to-face with customer in a park
Ways to Engage your Customers Outside of the Office

As mentioned, estimates are calculated for you and shared for each flight option that you choose. It couldn’t be easier. But what actually happens behind-the-scenes? It’s pretty straightforward, really. Total flight emissions are based on European Emissions Agency estimations that take into account the type of equipment and the full emissions cycle – from scheduled departure (starting…

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