7 Reasons to Use A Corporate Travel Agency

Travel icons represent reasons to use a corporate travel agency
Due to the pandemics’ effect on the travel industry, it has not been the same since. It‘s apparent that the travel industry will constantly change and fluctuate with the world’s time. With that, it is valuable for company travel policies to be accommodating too because it is unrealistic to expect employees to keep up with these changes. This is why companies are seeking out the help from travel management companies to guide them, have their travelers’ best interest, and give employees the autonomy they need to book their trips in their own time.

Here are seven reasons why corporate travel management is important:

1. Flexible travel policies
Reason number one, use a travel agency like ITS that is flexible as you need them to be with your travel policies. It is very likely that your company policy will change, perhaps quite a lot over the space of a year. ITS will make updates to your policy as quickly as possible. This will make sure no employee goes out of policy while booking their travel plans and your management team will not receive any surprises.


2. A massive booking inventory
Your employee also needs options while traveling. It can be infuriating for your travelers to not have a variety of airlines or hotels to choose from, or even select the area they need to stay in. ITS provides you with an assured booking inventory so your travelers’ journey to their destination is productive, as well as a great experience. If your employees trip goes well, they’ll want to go again.


3. Unparalleled customer support
With the unpredictable world we live in now, customer support is imperative for frequent fliers. Nothing is worse than your flight getting canceled and scrambling on your own to find another through an operator. ITS handles all of their customer service operations in-house and has 24-hour agents to support customer calls. This means ITS will have a better overview of what’s going on with your specific case and will handle everything for you.


4. Works with private loyalty programs
If your employees are frequent fliers and loyal members of a specific airline or hotel chain, they are most likely receiving points or credits towards their membership. ITS includes your traveler’s private loyalty programs into their business travel movements. This is a motivating addition to your company policy because your employees will want to travel more.


5. A savvy mobile app
Every traveler needs their mobile phone to maneuver through their travel day. It is not always convenient to carry a laptop, even if it is needed to make changes to their bookings. Travel can be unpredictable, that is why ITS has a mobile-friendly app ‘TripEasy’. It will help get your travelers through any situation during their travel journey. There’s no reason why your travelers should be restricted to a laptop.


6. Reporting functionality
ITS provides insights into your business travel program. Some of the insights include your company’s expenses, fees, cancellations credits and more. Businesses that allow their travelers to book on third-party platforms are losing out on data that can go a long way. When you have the right data in hand you can identify where most of your expenses are used. ITS can provide this data and also help your team read and act on it.


7. Program Overview
The program overview is where ITS gathers information concerning your company’s employees scheduled trips, any changes made to their itinerary i.e., canceled flights, their final destination and more. The hopes for the program overview are to provide comfort to mangers that every employees’ trip is being accounted for. In knowing this, managers will be able to handle how they can support their team.

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