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ITS Adopts Microservices Architecture for Improved Air Travel Search Engine

This article delves into how ITS harnessed Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, and other services to containerize microservices, reduce costs, and increase application performance, resulting in significantly faster search results. Overcoming various technical challenges and design considerations, we successfully modernized our air travel search engine with invaluable support from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Discover AWS’s perspective on this modernization journey.

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Paid Seat Upgrades Are More Than Just Paid Seats
When Paid Seat Upgrades Are More Than Just Paid Seats

Just a few weeks ago, the business travel world received a sudden change - more of a small ripple than shockwave, but a change that should be noticed. American Airlines decided to stop offering paid seat upgrades for anyone who buys a traditional fare unless they purchased the upgrade on or purchased the underlying fare via an NDC channel, which allows paid seat upgrades.

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Asha Bhosale, Meenakshi Balasbramanian, Hemali Desai
Containerized Microservices: A Software Transformation

Fostering a culture of technological innovation & learning at ITS
In an earlier blog, we shared that ITS had embarked on an effort to rearchitect and modernize some of our applications in order to elevate the booking experience for our clients. We’d like to unveil this successful initiative in greater detail and introduce you to the team behind it. At the onset, the project requirements were to reduce processing time and enable dynamic scaling to increase within search traffic patterns. It also called for functionality that validated customer-specific use cases, policies and routes, and negotiated fares.

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Airline cabin drawers to upgrade seats
What’s in Your Airline’s Drawers?

We’re not trying to get personal…but this question has been on our minds for some time. As the airline industry has continued to march forward with New Distribution Capability (NDC), and several airlines have added branded fare options, our apps had to find a way to “highlight” or offer these brands.

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NDC…Three Letters Changing the Travel Industry

New Distribution Capability (NDC) is forcing change that has impacted the entire travel industry, so…you may be asking, what is it? For historical context, this standard morphed out of a desire to push technology capabilities within the airline distribution ecosystem and initially evolved from airlines creating their Direct Connect initiatives. This hidden world of airline distribution, pricing strategy, and operations has been active behind the scenes for decades.

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ITS Mabl Experience
Optimizing Functional Coverage for Better Travel Experiences

TripEasy is all about a streamlined booking experience that’s easy and accurate. Testing is critical for making sure that happens. Our partnership with mabl, the leading intelligent, low-code solution for automated end-to-end testing, continues to optimize our testing processes and pace of innovation. It's always good to get another perspective, so check-out what mabl has to say about our application modernization.

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Data Security Soc2
ITS is Now SOC 2 Compliant ~ Customer Data is King

In today’s business landscape, data security has become a top priority for organizations of all sizes, as we’re all more readily affected by data breaches and hackers than ever before. Companies are asking their respective service providers to prove their data is being properly and adequately protected by completing a SOC 2 examination, and our customers were no exception.

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Sage Advice for Holiday Business Travel

The holidays are here and in full swing of cheer, busyness, and chaos. Holiday travel is taking off which means tricky weather, delayed flights, and packed planes. Travel is at peak season and that includes business travel. Though business travel is slowing down and settling back in after a long hiatus with COVID-19, it doesn’t stop. There are a few things to consider before taking off on another business trip this holiday season.

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Will Travel Disruptions Continue? Yep. How to Better Plan.

As we make travel plans for the rest of the year, whether for business or personal trips, a lingering trend is sure to raise concern. Anyone who has traveled recently has no doubt run into long lines, delays, or cancellations. Will this perfect storm of a reduction in flights, staff shortages, and post-COVID catch-up continue?

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