Three Ways ITS Leveraged Technology During COVID-19

ITS leverages technology during the pandemic
With the ever-changing travel climate due to the coronavirus pandemic, having an agency to help navigate these rough waters can be a game-changer. At ITS we pride ourselves on leveraging technology to advocate for and serve our customers. We combine smart technology with the best agents in the world to create a solution unmatched. By embracing concepts like process automation and keeping our customers top of mind, we have found a sweet spot that works for both our clients and us. Here are just some of the ways our technology is going above and beyond.

We keep your travelers safe.
There is no question that travel risks have increased in the last four months, making the duty of care an even bigger priority for companies. Our technology allows you to pinpoint your travelers on a map, anywhere around the globe. Identifying employees who are in risk impacted areas with a click of a mouse isn’t just comforting right now; it’s essential. You can find your affected travelers by city or name and email them instantly in the event of a security concern. When travel halted in early spring, our technology quickly auto-booked stranded passenger airline pilots as their carriers shut down service in key cities. Other passengers were able to self-book on multiple airlines to get home fast.


We automate approval processes and improve efficiency.
Our solutions help our agents and travelers to work intelligently, stop repetitive manual work and processes, and improve efficiency. In a time where budgets are being tightened, TripApproval helps cut unnecessary travel spending by approving or denying travel before it’s booked. The manager can also auto-approve (or deny) based on policy rules. Rule-based approval has been especially crucial to travel managers as hot spots for the coronavirus continue to fluctuate. This level of automation, paired with our 24×7 global support, has proven priceless to the customers who don’t have time to wait.


We save you money with auto-booking, rebooking, and recouping unused tickets.
One thing is clear; no one has been untouched by the impact of COVID-19. One of the biggest concerns our customers had was decreased budgets for future travel, and how losing money on unused tickets might affect them. Only by leveraging our proprietary technology and our team of agents, were we able to help support these financial hurdles. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been able to bank airline tickets for future use, waive penalty and change fees, convert unused tickets into travel credits and even obtain full refunds for nonrefundable tickets.


We believe that we are only as successful as our travelers.
Historically, our mission was centered around taking care of our travelers’ needs both at home and on the road. The last few months have cemented our belief that every traveler deserves a white-gloved service, and we continue to be passionate about developing new ways to bring that to them. If you are interested in learning more about how ITS can deliver your travelers safe and happy to their next destination, visit or email us at

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