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Make Cost-Saving Decisions on Corporate Travel with the ITS TripData Product

ITS to upgrade product to easily analyze traveler spending data

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ITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX – August 1, 2018

ITS (Internet Travel Solutions), a global travel technology company, announces the release of the product upgrade of TripData. The interactive product allows travel managers to view and analyze data trends and make decisions before travel commences. The system is based on AngularJS framework and is so fast a user could access more than 100 report views in less than a minute.

ITS believes managing data should be simple for its customers. With TripData, travel managers are able to access data with fast and easy filtering, sorting, exporting and scheduling by region, department or any custom field. TripData captures global data instantly by connecting to every international reservation system available. Dynamic trip data allows travel managers to make cost-saving decisions before the trip takes place and to see audits, approvals, security, violations, SLA, unused tickets and award tickets. Managers use these analytics to determine how TripData can prevent unnecessary spending on future trips. In addition, “what-if” analytics allows managers to monitor user behavior in order to modify policy for future travel.

“With TripData, I determined my employees were spending more than necessary due to a loose policy. TripData gives me all of the information I need to intelligently forecast next year’s travel budget and adjust my company policy to save significantly on travel expenses. I feel confident in the numbers,” said Ben C., Vice President of Accounting.

TripData key product features enable travel managers to:
  • Adjust policies with “what if” scenarios
  • Manage unused tickets
  • View supplier spend
  • Average trip spend
  • Utilize online adoption and market share
  • View cancellations
  • Access supplier contract savings and advance purchases
  • View benchmarking analytics
  • Convert currencies
  • View travelers anywhere, anytime
  • Access real-time traveler data
  • Analyze policies and compliance
  • Benchmark data with peers

With TripData, travel managers will view comprehensive reports with real-time data in order to make quick and smart decisions for travelers. For more information, click here to contact an ITS team member.