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Encourage Employees to Stay within Policy with TripApproval from ITS

ITS to release product update for travel managers to save on trip costs while managing approvals

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ITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX – July 27, 2018

Internet Travel Solutions (ITS), a premier travel technology company, announces the upgrade of TripApproval, its leading industry pre-trip approval product. TripApproval is a software product that allows users to easily approve or deny trips with a single click.

ITS has updated TripApproval to include trip audits in the pre-booking approval email. ITS’ TripAudit product searches for air, hotel and rental car prices within policy, at the point-of-sale. Travel managers can now add alternate in-policy trip audits to the itinerary in order to view lower-priced declined options. The approver can then accept the traveler’s selected trip or authorize a less expensive trip option from TripApproval. In the event the approver chooses the lower-priced option, the trip is automatically rebooked, and an updated itinerary is sent to the traveler. This product upgrade saves companies up to 17% by preventing policy violations and frivolous spending.

TripApproval’s additional new features include the ability to add per diem for meals and taxis / ride shares to calculate the total trip cost. The software allows approvers to quick-approve or quick-deny trip options with reasons for trip justification or policy violation, and is available in mobile and desktop views with an easy-to-use interface. TripApproval now empowers more savings by showing all policy-compliant trip options in the authorization process before travel is purchased.

“TripApproval helped me cut unnecessary travel spend by showing me all my trip options in one place and approving only policy-compliant trips. I can make sure my team is taken care of, but exorbitant spending is now a thing of the past,” said Clint P., Travel Manager.

Key Product Features of TripApproval enable travel managers to:
  • View savings options Manage unused tickets
  • Create tiered approval levels
  • Request trip justification
  • Allow for multiple approvers
  • Add per diem to total trip cost
  • Approve trips with security risk
  • Review reasons for policy violations
  • Select lower-priced options
  • Offer alternatives and auto-rebook
  • Approve online or with an agent
  • Approve based on policy rules
  • Customize rules for approvals
  • Create custom notifications

TripApproval will save travel managers time and money by giving them instant authorization and trip modification capabilities when travelers book trips. For more information, click here to contact an ITS team member.