woman looking at phone in airport terminal
AI Robot

AI Robot Make smarter travel decisions Request a Demo Is your mid-office solution “AI” intelligent? 0 % Savings from learned trip patterns 0 % Savings from recouped unused tickets 0 % Savings from auto-split tickets What are the ways our AI Robot saves you money? Set policy spend limits Regulate cabin class, star rating, car…

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Trip Approvals

Trip Approvals Control travel costs Request a Demo How can you prevent bad travel decisions? 0 % Savings on approvals that violate policy 0 % TOTAL Approval Savings 0 % Savings on approvals with unnecessary trips What are some of the benefits of pre-trip approvals? Send notifications to approvers Approve based on policy rules View…

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Traveler Security

Traveler Security Upgrade your Duty of Care Request a Demo How do you manage traveler security? 0 % Perception that travel risks have increased 0 % Employee tracking is primary concern 0 % Reservations modified for safety What are some of the ways you can keep your travelers safe? View travelers in high risk countries…

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Global Reporting

Global Reporting Access data in milliseconds Request a Demo What are some key value metrics? 0 % Increase in adoption 0 % Increase in market share 0 % Decrease in costs What are some of the ways you can utilize global report data? View global program reports in real-time Adjust policies with “what-if” scenarios Analyze…

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Guest Booking

Guest Booking Let guests take charge of their travel booking Request a Demo Who might need to book guest travel? Candidates Speakers Contractors Clients What are the benefits of inviting guests to book their own travel? Prepay for guest travel Control travel dates and times Choose preferred suppliers Create travel policies Set and send meeting…

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magnifying glass find penny's for all savings
Price Audits

Price Audits Discover lower prices Request a Demo Do you audit your trips for savings? 0 % Savings found on all airfare 0 % Savings found on all hotel reservations 0 % Savings found on all car rentals What are some of the ways price audits save you money? Auto-rebook same reservation Audit alternate suppliers…

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Unused Tickets - Recoup unused tickets
Unused Tickets

Unused Tickets Recoup unused tickets Request a Demo How much can you save from unused tickets? 0 % Auto-capture lost tickets 0 % Auto-void unused tickets 0 % Auto-book unused tickets 0 % Auto-apply unused tickets Why is managing unused tickets essential to your travel program? Track all unused tickets purchased by company View all…

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sky with cloud foot prints with airplane leading the way
Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality Book sustainable business travel Request a Demo What is the status of carbon emissions in travel? 0 % Global emissions from aviation 0 % Companies with sustainability programs 0 % Travelers think sustainable travel is important 0 % Millennials & Gen Z are willing to pay more Why is knowing your carbon footprint…

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