Sage Advice for Holiday Business Travel

The holidays are here and in full swing of cheer, busyness, and chaos. Holiday travel is taking off which means tricky weather, delayed flights, and packed planes. Travel is at peak season and that includes business travel. Though business travel is slowing down and settling back in after a long hiatus with COVID-19, it doesn’t stop. There are a few things to consider before taking off on another business trip this holiday season.

Health and Safety

With a heightened awareness of public safety and sickness spreading around, it’s crucial to check in and prioritize your health. Respiratory infections, the flu, the common cold, and corona virus are amongst all the illnesses that have us on high alert. The best way to avoid these are to take care of your body through rest, drinking plenty of fluids, making time for physical exercise, and keeping up a healthy diet. Check the CDC Guidelines for a better understanding of public safety and how to avoid spreading germs while traveling.

Stay Alert and Be on Time

It’s no secret that travel, and the stress it carries with it, increases significantly during the holidays. Allow for extra time during these months to avoid lost luggage, and allow time for traffic jams, long lines, and iffy weather. Check-in through your mobile device and turn on alerts to see the status of flights and airport conditions. Booking an early flight might come in handy during periods of bad weather and packed airports.

Travel Complexities and Scheduling

If you’re traveling for business this month, try to avoid flying on Mondays or Fridays. These are the most popular and ideal times for a corporate traveler, but when mixed with leisure travel, lines and wait times will be longer. Avoid December 23rd if you can, as it’s the busiest travel day of the year for both business and leisure trips.

Stay Positive and Have Fun!

Did I mention holiday travel can be stressful? This sometimes brings out the worst in us when plans go awry. Bad moods can make the situation worse, so remember to keep spirits high and stay positive! Have your favorite book or podcast handy.  Snacks are always helpful. Organize those out-of-control email files. Catch up on a nap or chat with a fellow business traveler (after all, business trip or not, it is the Holiday Season).  With a shift in mindset, travel plans going wrong won’t seem as bad and things will work out.

Wishing you safe travels and Happy Holidays!

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