Five Tips to Leveraging Your New TMC

Five Tips to Leveraging Your New TMC
Finding the right Travel Management Company (TMC) to assist with your travel program is a crucial undertaking. Once the onboarding process begins and you move toward completion, there will be a lot of moving parts. A good TMC will guide you through the process and help you plan for, and ultimately avoid, potential conflicts before they arise.

There are a few key things you can do as a Travel Manager to help the success of your implementation and avoid time-consuming issues further down the line.

1. Always sign up for airline reward programs.

Your company accrues points that can be used for different perks depending on the airline program. Some allow you to redeem points to gain access to airline elite clubs and lounges, seat upgrades, free tickets, etc., that the company can use as you see fit. This does not impact your travelers’ ability to earn individual frequent flyer points.

2. Use up as many of your unused tickets as you can with your current TMC before your cut-over date.

If you aren’t moving from another TMC, Travel Solutions International (TSI) offers a best-in-class proprietary tool that will track your unused tickets moving forward. We even send notifications to remind your travelers they have unused ticket funds available.

3. Provide all of your negotiated hotel properties to us so that we can load them in the system.

If you don’t currently have any of these rates, provide your top hotel markets to us and our Travel Desk will jump on negotiating the best rates for you that they can.

4. Provide your existing written travel policy to us so that we can review and program it, as needed.

If you don’t have a travel policy, we can help you design one based on your goals for the travel program, as well as best practice policies we’ve utilized that work well for other clients.

5. Collaborate with TSI on your reporting needs in order to collect the most impactful and dynamic travel data to share with your organization.

When all is said and done, utilizing a TMC presents a real opportunity to drive improvements for your travel program. TSI will work with you to ensure that you take full advantage of all available services and benefits.

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