5 Ways Business Travel is a Blessing in ‘Da Skies

Panoramic daytime view of high-rise cityscape
Last month, we checked the numbers on what business travelers really think of hitting the road for work, and a whopping 92% said they were satisfied with their lifestyles. Our vision is to continually improve the experience for travelers, and with just a little preparation and mindfulness, we want happiness ratings to climb to 100%. Adopt these tips to maximize joy on your next business excursion.

1. Try a locally owned restaurant with the city’s best cuisine.

2. Add an extra day before or after your meeting to explore the city. Visit a museum, walk around the historic area or visit the nature offerings of where you are.

3. Meet up with a friend or family member who lives close by.

4. Take advantage of time away from home to practice self-care. Visit the spa, practice yoga, run in a unique neighborhood or venture to the beach if you are by the coast.

5. Read a book at the airport and in your Lyft that you normally wouldn’t have time for. Sit outside and enjoy the scenery as the sun goes down.

Most importantly, appreciate the unique and precious moments of alone time afforded by business travel, and soak in the place you are visiting, even if it’s just a walk downtown before a client dinner.

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