3 Reasons to Save Smarter on Corporate Travel with TripAudit

Man in rental car takes keys from an agent
Work smarter, not harder. This manifesto is unapologetically overused but has yet to go stale because the premise is 100% spot on. Have you ever eyed an expensive item at a retail store and immediately searched it online for a lower price? If so, you may be interested in a product that does this three million times per night without needing you to lift a finger.

What is TripAudit?

For business managers looking to save on the company’s bottom line, TripAudit is the tool to keep the CFO pleased and HR satisfied. TripAudit is a software product that searches prices from the moment a ticket is booked until the time a traveler cashes in on the booking. It captures the lowest fares and sends options immediately for approval, saving on all aspects of the trip from flight to rental car to hotel reservation. Every savvy business person knows that frequent savings, no matter the size, add up exponentially over time. Below are three reasons TripAudit is the smartest travel booking choice for companies of any size.

1. Customizable Policy Options Suit Businesses of any Size

TripAudit adjusts to your company’s needs with flexible policy selections on major travel expenses. TripAudit provides average savings of 4.8% on airfare, 12.3% on hotels and 9.1% on rental cars. Users can customize search options to compare corporate versus published rates or to include alternate suppliers. The technology searches split tickets, which are often less expensive than a round-trip tickets. Aggregated hotel discounts can be searched by star rating and, TripAudit will find savings immediately and automatically. Users customize travel preferences by department, policy, cabin class, hotel star rating and location and can save policies for future use.

2. Rental Car Choices Provide Opportunity for Unique Savings

TripAudit is the only travel technology software to perform audits on rental car company and car type. This means you can save big switching from a luxury to premium vehicle and can also capture upgrades as they come. With rental car pricing volatility and a vast number of competing rental companies, TripAudit makes sure to find savings as they appear and book alternate rental car suppliers within policy. Upgrades to luxury vehicles will make your employees content on the road and frequently do not cost users a penny more. TripAudit for rental cars is a win-win for all.

3. Smart Data Allows for Searches with Memory

As a controller, keeping up with the fluctuations of business operation finance can be a huge challenge. Luckily, TripAudit’s smart technology keeps my head on straight by remembering things I’ll likely forget months down the line. TripAudit will save policy preferences for future use and automatically re-book according to saved data and analytics. In addition, the system can save searches and show me savings I may have passed on for prior trips to help me make informed decisions in the future.

Savings from TripAudit are hugely significant and can alleviate budget stress by eliminating unnecessary expenditures outside of policy. I firmly believe businesses can take work on the road without losing out financially, and TripAudit keeps travelers in line by offering easy policy customization.

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