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ITS Adopts Microservices Architecture for Improved Air Travel Search Engine

This article delves into how ITS harnessed Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, and other services to containerize microservices, reduce costs, and increase application performance, resulting in significantly faster search results. Overcoming various technical challenges and design considerations, we successfully modernized our air travel search engine with invaluable support from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Discover AWS’s perspective on this modernization journey.

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Asha Bhosale, Meenakshi Balasbramanian, Hemali Desai
Containerized Microservices: A Software Transformation

Fostering a culture of technological innovation & learning at ITS
In an earlier blog, we shared that ITS had embarked on an effort to rearchitect and modernize some of our applications in order to elevate the booking experience for our clients. We’d like to unveil this successful initiative in greater detail and introduce you to the team behind it. At the onset, the project requirements were to reduce processing time and enable dynamic scaling to increase within search traffic patterns. It also called for functionality that validated customer-specific use cases, policies and routes, and negotiated fares.

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