IROP Re-Accommodation

Auto-rebook your passengers in seconds

Spend decreases while satisfaction increases

  • 7 - 10%
    Horizontal bar '7-10%'
    Policy Rules
  • 6 - 9%
    Horizontal bar '6-9%'
    Manifest Bookings
  • 5 - 8%
    Horizontal bar '5-8%''
    Instant Ticketing
  • 4 - 7%
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    No-Show Tracking
  • 3 - 5%
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    IROP Optimization
  • 2 - 4%
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    IROP Prevention
  • 1 - 3%
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    Shared Payment
  • 1 - 4%
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    Traveler Options

Use manifests to auto-rebook travelers

  • Auto-book
    travelers from
    sales system

    Airlines have automated their IROPs to save valuable time and money while increasing customer satisfaction. When a flight disruption occurs, airlines export traveler manifests directly from their passenger sales system to an automated booking robot to re-accommodate 100s of passengers in minutes. No more long lines at airports or unhappy passengers.
    Computer screen with airplane graphic
    Time to book
    100+ travelers
    Reduction in
    re-accommodation time
  • Utilize policy
    rules to book

    Regional airlines re-accommodated disrupted passengers on other airlines with the use of automation by booking travelers with cost saving policy rules, ie. lowest price, soonest departure, duration, traveler groups, hotels, etc. Airlines can monitor actual traveler acceptance to cancel and void unused airline tickets on other airlines, creating instant savings.
    Phone screen with checkboxes graphic
    Savings on
    OA purchases
    no-show flights
  • Send trip
    options to
    travelers, pre
    and post-flight

    Regional airlines have increased customer satisfaction when flights are disrupted by being both pro-active and reactive. These airlines send travelers email and notifications offering incentives to move flights before a disruption occurs and/or a new itinerary with choice of acceptable flights and hotels so the traveler has some input into their disruption.
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    Increase in
    customer satisfaction
    IROP avoidance with

Additional Services and Tools

  • 24 / 7 agent support24 / 7 agent support
  • Support of interlineSupport of interline
  • OA and direct connect airOA and direct connect air
  • Uncontrollable IROP solutionsUncontrollable IROP solutions
  • Stored & masked credit cardsStored & masked credit cards
  • Voucher managementVoucher management
  • Hotel & car rental discountsHotel & car rental discounts
  • Active no-show managementActive no-show management

“Before ITS, we had no idea how
many of our travelers ‘no-showed’
their flights. We now auto-cancel over
10% - that is a huge savings to our
bottom line!”

Operations Manager