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What’s In Your Airline’s Drawers: Revolutionizing Branded Airline Fare Listings

ITS LogoITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX – May 24, 2023

ITS Airline Drawers

A traveler can simply hover over any fare displayed via List Results, and they will see more flight options associated with their criteria than ever before.

airfare drawer open example

If a change is needed, all the traveler needs to do is move their mouse to view other fare options.

Internet Travel Solutions (ITS), a leading travel technology company, is pleased to unveil its latest innovation for addressing enhanced or branded airline fares that are offered at a higher price, and include options such as an extra checked bag for no fee, refundable terms, etc.


As the airline industry continues to adopt the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard and branded fares continue to increase, ITS decided to offer these brands via its self-service booking tool, TripEasy, in a way that provides control to the client organization and visibility into the new airline bundled products.


“We’ve always displayed our own interpretation of the Next Generation Storefront (NGS) or ‘shelf options’ which allows TripEasy to feature six of the best prices, one for each shelf.  The challenge was that we wanted to show fares that were not the lowest priced options on the shelf, as well,” says Brian Tanis, Vice President, Product & Marketing.


That is where the concept of ‘drawers’ saved the day.  With TripEasy airline drawers, business travelers can now access more comprehensive fare options when price is not the only consideration for planning a trip.  A traveler simply hovers over any fare on the List Results page, and they’ll see more flight options associated with their criteria.


If any fare, branded or not, is unique in name or as a bundle and TripEasy receives it from any one of our multiple shopping sources, it will easily be displayed for travelers.  It’s important to note that TripEasy airline drawers are aware of a client’s company policy and highlights selection availability and fare amenities clearly.


“We’re excited to answer the age-old question about what was not showing up on the shelves. Only seeing the “lowest option” sounds like a great way to save money, but it doesn’t always tell the full story.  We can now drill down further in the form of drawers contained within those shelves.  It’s another way ITS simplifies business travel and empowers our clients with the tools they need to make informed planning decisions,” says Tanis.


TripEasy airline drawers are available to clients worldwide via the website and mobile app. They are primed to offer quick options given our easy, convenient hover feature upgrade.


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