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ITS launches candidate self-booking with TripGuest

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ITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX – July 18, 2018

ITS (Internet Travel Solutions), a leading travel booking platform, announces the release of its new product TripGuest for simplifying job candidate and guest travel. The product allows managers to set up travel parameters for candidates, speakers, contractors and clients, therefore alleviating the task of gathering all passenger information.

TripGuest is the ideal solution for human resource managers with little time on their hands who want candidates and guests to have some booking control while the company pays for travel. TripGuest allows travel managers to set policy-specific “Arrive By” and “Depart By” dates and times to ensure that candidates are present in time for their meeting, while enabling them to complete the booking process all within the software. Travel policies are set to integrate spending limits and to auto-apply corporate discounts and preferred partners for air, hotel and rental car. Recruiters can invite a candidate in less than 30 seconds, and TripGuest sends them a booking login for one-time use. In the event a candidate meeting is cancelled, funds will be refunded or the tickets can be used on future candidate travel bookings. The travel management software will certainly ease and simplify the workload of recruiters and arrangers while keeping guest travel within policy.

“TripGuest took so much work off my plate. All I have to do is set up the travel and meeting parameters, and the rest is up to our guest,” said Janet B., Human Resources Recruiter. “With our credit card and preferred air, hotel and car preferences stored in TripGuest, I don’t have to stress about my candidates staying on track. It really is dummy-proof technology.”

TripGuest Key Product Features Allow Travel Managers to:
  • Prepay guest travel
  • Maintain guest privacy
  • Control travel dates and times
  • Choose preferred suppliers
  • View travel and meeting agenda
  • Approve guests’ travel

TripGuest is available now exclusively through ITS. For more information, click here to contact an ITS team member.