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Make Bank on Recouped Unused Tickets with TripBank from ITS

ITS releases TripBank update for customers to recover the cost of cancelled and unused tickets

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ITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX – August 29, 2018

Internet Travel Solutions (ITS), a leading travel technology company, announces the upgrade of its ticket savings product TripBank. TripBank’s most powerful feature allows travel managers to recoup unused tickets and bank them for future use.

Business travelers frequently book trips last minute and change or cancel reservations, incurring significant and unnecessary costs to their companies. When a traveler fails to show up for a flight and forgets to cancel, TripBank automatically checks the travelers’ flights to verify if their tickets are used, and if not, it saves the unused tickets for future use. Any accompanying hotel will be cancelled to prevent no-show penalties. TripBank automatically applies previously banked tickets to new reservations. It is proven to save travel managers up to 22% whether booked online or through an agent. The software further manages tickets that are cancelled, lost and found, and those set to expire soon. Travel managers can then issue name changes to reuse the ticket credit with other travelers as needed.

“TripBank shows me the number of tickets that have cancelled, no-showed, been utilized or might be expiring soon. Best of all, we know our ticket credits are being used and our money is not wasted,” said Justine S., Travel Manager. “This helps tremendously in keeping our travel budget in check.”

Key Product Features of TripBank include the following:

  • Prevent personal travel fraud
  • Recycle unused tickets automatically
  • Search no-shows in real time
  • Identify name-change opportunities
  • Email ticket expiration reminders
  • Conduct lost ticket search
  • Monitor banked tickets for reissue

TripBank has a memory so you don’t have to, making it the smartest investment for your company. With TripBank, you can count on maximizing travel spend while preventing employees from gaming the system. It is cash in your company’s wallet with an ROI of solid gold. For more information, click here to contact an ITS team member.