ITS Vision

The future of travel technology is here

We are changing the way businesses book travel

Internet Travel Solutions was created with the DNA of SMART, FAST AND EASY. If it is not smart, fast and easy we won’t do it and we won’t ask our customers to pay for it. Our solutions, products and services solve problems and provide long-term value.

Phone with a web of connections showing technology
Graphic of a map of a brain

We think technology should be smart

ITS applies the design principles of Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, that form the mnemonic acronym of SMART, to its product development. This means our products are created with intelligent design.

Button that says 'Easy'

We think technology should be easy

ITS believes the user experience should require no effort difficulty, thought, or training while creating product dependence. This means our products have to be simple and reliable enough for our kids to use, literally.

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We think technology should be fast

ITS applies architectural design with comprehensive compression capabilities for the instant transport of high-volume data feeds to its development methodology. This means our products are measured in warp time.