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Internet Travel Solutions Unveils Latest Release of TripAudit Product

ITS launches alternate air, hotel and car options in TripAudit with traveler acceptance

ITS Marketing  |  Dallas, TX - July 12, 2018

Internet Travel Solutions (ITS), a premier travel technology company, announces the upgrade of its TripAudit product. TripAudit conducts three million searches per night for lower prices on air, hotel and rental car and now also searches for alternate in-policy options. Users can compare corporate and published rates and customize searches to be turned on and off as needed.

TripAudit works around the clock so travel managers don't have to. It performs daily until trip departure, so travel managers know they are up-to-date on the lowest prices. In the case of a better deal, the software can auto-rebook the selection. TripAudit results in average savings of 4.8% on airfare, 12.3% on hotels and 9.1% on rental cars.

The powerful technology is advanced enough to work on split tickets and aggregated hotel discounts and is the only software of its kind to offer audits on rental car company and car type. TripAudit searches both same and alternate carriers as well as one-way tickets (versus round-trip) for greater savings. Users customize travel preferences by department, policy, cabin class, hotel star rating and location. Travelers accept changes instantly, and TripAudit automatically remembers trips and preferences for auto-rebooking. In addition, TripAudit finds upgrades for flights, hotels and rental car types, thus enhancing the traveler experience. The system also saves search data, regardless of use, so finance managers can see what savings they received or may have missed on prior trips.

"TripAudit automatically rebooked my flight and hotel at a cheaper price," said Hope V., Business Traveler. "I was able to save the company money without even trying and earned bonus points from my manager in the process."

TripAudit Key Product Features include the following:
  • Same supplier audit for air, hotel and car
  • Alternate supplier audit
  • Auto-rebooking
  • Audit in approval
  • Geography auditing
  • Upgrades auditing
  • Custom department policy
  • Detailed analytics
  • Alternate sourcing
  • Star rating auditing
  • Split-ticket auditing
  • Cabin class auditing
  • Car type auditing
  • Car cluster auditing

With TripAudit, customers can save up to $139 per trip and update existing reservations for big savings. For more information, click here to contact an ITS team member.